About Us

Let’s be familiar with each other a bit more.

We want you to obtain to understand us, simply as we’ll want to be familiar with you.

Ivanhoe Hotel helps brands in United Kingdom grow and develop by assisting them reach and engage with their audiences through creative digital marketing.

We have actually been around because 2002, however do not let our depth of experience make you feel we’re traditional. We’re continuously evolving, moving and growing, just as innovation does, and as our customers’ needs change.

Our innovative work has been included in media outlets, we have actually spoken at numerous occasions throughout the nation and we have actually won a trophy cabinet filled with awards.

Our services are driven by what works in digital marketing. We don’t profess to do everything, nor do we adhere to only one thing. If we cannot help you, we know individuals who can. Collaborative projects? We enjoy these. We think our market peers are tops! Take a look around our site, learn more about us much better, then let’s chat.

Meet The Team

Deanna Patterson is our new Accounts Receivable/Payable Specialist

Jean Obrien is our new Cash Manager